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Tibet Traveller Information
Travel to tibet is an most exotic journey which offers you the chance to visit ancient Buddhist monasteries, enjoy fantastic views of the highest mountains, to talk to nomadic Tibetan pilgrims, to walk on world's highest plateau etc.Tibet refereed as Shangri La, The forbidden Land, The Roof of the World, and by manyd. For centuries, it has fascinated mankind. It was hardl more, the mysterious Buddhist Kingdom remained long closed to foreigners, exerting a strong hold on the imagination of the worly accessible to the outside world and has been always a challenge to human beings.
Tibet Facts
  • Region: Asia
  • Int'l short: formTibet
  • Official Name: Xizang Zizhiqu
  • People: 2.62 million
  • Time: UTC +8h
  • Languages: Tibetan, Chinese
  • Religions: Tibetan Buddhism, Animism.
Tibet Map