3sisters Tourism Training Institute

Tourism Training Institute

3 Sisters Tourism Training Institute Pvt. Ltd
Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City – 6, Kaski

3 Sisters Tourism Training Institute started in 2018 with goal to develop young people skills to improve employment opportunities and motivate youth in  tourism sector -the main income generator of our country Nepal and producing qualified manpower within a country

3 Sisters Tourism Training Institute launched its first government license trekking guide training course in collaboration with Nepal Mountain Academy under the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.  Participants from this training will gain professional trekking guide skills and accredited trekking guide license, which will further enhance them to better job opportunities.

Company’s Objectives

1.    The Company’s objectives as per below

A.    To produce quality manpower by giving high standard professional training  on tourism industry  and business of a short term trainings on subjects such as Tourism/ Hospitality Management, Skill Upgrading, Leadership, Handicrafts and Miscellaneous  to national and international citizens  by working together with  or consent from affiliated and related body.

B.    To run a technical school and college to give and learn by giving  certificate level of TSLC and Diploma after completion of technical and professional training  and organizing program  on Tourism/ Hospitality Management and Skill Upgrading by taking permission from affiliated body 

C.    To give necessary required  technical and consultancy service to government, semi government agencies, business companies and communities who work in internal and external tourism areas.

D.    To coordinate and interchange technical and skill with national and international union organization and company having similar objective and to study and give.

E.    To buy and sell necessary required materials with tourism industry and business related government or private organizations or companies.

2.    To implement company’s objective section (1), as per current existing law and take authorization and permission if mandatory; implementation after the fulfillment of rules.

3.    To submit consent and authorization letter copy within 15 days to the office related to mentioned objective section(1) procuring consent and authorization 

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