Lower Dolpo Trek

Lower Dolpo Trek


Lower Dolpo Trekking is a high-altitude region situated in the upper part of the Dolpa district which is in the western part of Nepal. Dolpo lies in the Shey Phoksumdo National Park of Nepal and is a very remote and untouched geographical region. The whole region of Dolpo is surrounded by a chain of the Himalayas which includes the Dhaulagiri at 8172m. 

This remote region of Dolpo is very sparsely populated with an estimated population of less than 5000. The people that live there are very traditional and their religion and language quite resemble the Tibetan Buddhist it is among the few areas in Nepal where the per - Buddhist Bon Po religion is still practised. This is an amazing trek and takes us to the most magnificent and isolated landscapes of the western Himalayan zones. The main highlight of the trek is the Lake of Phoksumdo and its waterfall, lying at the altitude of 3627m this is the deepest lake in the entire Himalayan region.

 The remote location of the Dolpo is also home to a diverse variety of flora and fauna, the rugged and rough terrain throughout the area shelters various biodiversity. Traversing through the rocky and rough topography is difficult but trekking in the region of Dolpo is an incredible lifetime adventure. This trek is also known as `Ba Yul, the Hidden Land’.

To experience the bliss of nature, visit the unbelievably blue Phoksumdo Lake and the monastery at the banks of the lake. Cross the high Himalayan passes Numa La and Baga La, both higher than 5000m. See the yak caravans like in Eric Valli`s movie Caravans of the Himalaya. Rest day in the interesting Tibetan village of Dho Tarap and visit Do Tarap Monastery. 


Tour Package Overview

Ascent/Descent : 1150 m descent Kms : 527 kms Duration : 50 min flight

Kathmandu – Nepalgunj (50 minutes flight) Stay in GH or Hotel

Ascent/Descent : 2325 m ascent 335 m descent Kms : 155 kms flight 10 kms walk Duration : 21 min flight 3hrs walk

Fly to Dolpa (Juphal) trek to Dunai. After arriving at Juphal airport walk downhill through the villages and farms for about 30 minutes to arrive by the Bheri river. From here onwards about 2.5hrs. walk on the motorable road along the Bheri River to reach Dunai. Exploring and acclimatization day. Hiking hours: 3

Ascent/Descent : 250 m ascent Kms : 13.7 kms Duration : 5/6hrs

The trail is along the Bheri River to Lingdo. 6 hours of moderate walk passing by a few teahouses will lead us to our next destination, Lingdo (2391m). Lingdo is a small village where there are few teahouses and a health post. Hiking hours: 5/6

Ascent/Descent : 979 m descent Kms : 9 kms Duration : 6/7hrs

Following the Bheri River, we will do a gentle uphill walk for 3 hours to reach Laisicap where we can enjoy our lunch at a local tented teahouse. From here onwards, we leave the Bheri River behind and follow the Tarap River. From Laisicap immediately steep climbing for 3 hours to reach Laina (Lahini Camp). There is only a tented camp facility, a nomad tent where locals and tourists share the tent with about 15 people. We can carry a light two men's tent for privacy. Hiking hours: 6/7

Ascent/Descent : 153 m ascent Kms : 15 kms Duration : 6/7hrs

Immediately after leaving the camp there is a 275m steep ascent for an hour along the Tarap river. After that the trail is flat for 4.5hrs to reach at the Nawalpani for lunch. Then we can continue for 2 more hours gentle climb to Toltol (3523m), only tent. Hiking hours: 6/7

Ascent/Descent : 557 m ascent Kms : 16 kms Duration : 4/5hrs

We start our day with a one-hour easy walk along the Tarap river to Sisaul camp, there we can stop for breakfast. From Sisual we enter the trans Himalayan region, from here rough road start till Dho Tarap, occasionally we can meet few Chinese made motorbikes. From Sisual walking along Tarap river for 3 hours gentle walk to reach Dho Tarap (3944 m). On the way we can see blue sheep.Dho meaning in Tibetan “lower end of the valley” and Tarap refers to the entire region. Today we can stay at a hotel with hot shower facilities and a Tibetan restaurant, where delicious Tibetan food will be served. It is a big Tibetan Buddhist village where there about 60/70 households. There are 4 Buddhist monastery and a Bon Monastery. Main occupation of the villager are farmers and cattle raiser, husbandry. Hiking hours: 4/5

Ascent/Descent : Kms : Duration :

Dho Tarap – acclimatization and exploration day visiting oldest Monasteries

Ascent/Descent : 289 m ascent Kms : 4 kms Duration : 2/3hrs

Two hours an easy walk passing by Crystal Mountain School run by monastery reach to Modo village. We can see yak gazing around. There is two monastery and we can visit after settling in a homestay. We can walk around the village observing farming lands and yaks. Hiking hours: 2/3

Ascent/Descent : 1005 m ascent 607 m descent Kms : 16 kms Duration : 7hrs

Today we are crossing the Numa-La pass (5238 m). We can start early morning gentle climbing through the meadow to Numa-La Base Camp (4440 m). From here steep climb towards the top to Numa-La pass (5238 m) for 3 hours. From the pass we can view Dhaulagiri, Sita Chuchura (6611m), Mukot Himal (6087 m) and Norbung khang. Then 2 hours steep descent to the other side of the pass and an hour gentle walk to Ganigar (4631 m), it is a small shelter house. Hiking hours: 7

Ascent/Descent : 583 m ascent 1232 m descent Kms : 10 kms Duration : 7hrs

Today we will be crossing the Baga La Pass (5190 m). Just leaving the shelter house we immediately steep climb towards the Baga La pass for 2.5 – 3hrs. We can rest once we reach the top to enjoy the scenic view of the mountain. From the pass 3hrs steep descent towards the Yak Kharka (3860m). There is only teahouse where we can celebrate and cherish completing successfully two high passes in a row. Yak Kharka is surrounded by pine forest. Hiking hours: 7

Ascent/Descent : 249 m descent Kms : 6.5 kms Duration : 3hrs

We can walk along the pine forest. It will be a gentle climb for half an hour, then another steep climb for 2 hours which leads us to Ringmo village to the shores of stunning Phoksumdo Lake (3641 m). Phoksumdo Lake has 145 m depth, originated from the Himalayan so it very cold. This lake is popular for the aquamarine blue color, change the color according to the ambient light. Ringmo village have around 25 household and many hotels. There are two Bon monasteries. We will have enough time to enjoy the beauty of the Phoksumdo Lake and visiting monasteries and can explore the village. Hiking hours: 3

Ascent/Descent : 895 m descent Kms : 15 kms Duration : 7hrs

Gentle walk from the Ringmo village then steep descent to the Polam village (3397m) for an hour. From here gentle descent to Chhepka village along the Phoksumdo river for 5/6 hrs. We can stop for the lunch at the Rechi (2940 m) village. Hiking hours: 7

Ascent/Descent : 363 m descent Kms : 16 kms Duration : 4hrs 45 min drive

Walk along the Suli River for 3/4hrs to reach the Sulighat where we can meet the jeep to drive to Juphal for 45 minutes. Hiking hours: 4, Driving hours: 45 minutes Walk along the Suli River for 3/4hrs to reach the Sulighat where we can meet the jeep to drive to Juphal for 45 minutes. Hiking hours: 4, Driving hours: 45 minutes

Ascent/Descent : 1655 m descent Kms : 155 kms flight 410 kms flight Duration : 21 min flight 30 min flight

Juphal – Nepalganj – Pokhara (by flights)

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Lower Dolpo Trek

Difficulty level : moderate


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